5 Ways to Thank Your Administrative Professionals!

April 20, 2017



Wednesday 26 April, 2017 is Administrative Professionals’ Day (Secretary’s Day). It is time for a big thank you to all the professionals who work so hard all day, every day to keep your business running smoothly and give you the support you need so that your company can focus on what it does best!

Your Admin Professionals support the operations of your business by managing all of your Office Affairs. They handle projects, logistics, document preparation, storage, handle never-ending records, organize invoices, order supplies and keep a watchful eye on the workplace.

They plan meetings, events, corporate parties, and make sure other employees are appreciated on their Birthdays or other special recognition days. So, make sure that YOU are appreciating them as well!


Here are a few ideas for you to show your favorite Professionals that they are valued, loved, and a real asset to your team.


  • Create an office wide day of Celebration & Recognition

Make it public to the whole company that this day is a special day. It should not only be you who appreciates them but you can gain support for the day by encouraging others to acknowledge the hard work that Admin Teams do.


  • LinkedIn Recommendation

Appreciate the professionals in a digital way. Do you think an E-card seem a little outdated? No worries, there is a more practical way; writing a LinkedIn Recommendation or sponsoring their skills upgrade on LinkedIn is a more constructive way to show your recognition and appreciation.


  • Lunch is On Me

Take them out for a nice, long lunch at a nearby favourite restaurant. Lunch can often be the most social and relaxing hour of the day where people can put aside their stress and enjoy catching up with colleagues. Encourage them to enjoy even more stress-free hours. Try adding an extra 30 minutes to an hour for a boost in relaxation.


  • Restoring Energy

Snacks & drinks are the best companions for most Office Workers in Hong Kong. Some have said that snacks can lead to a more focused, productive, and happy team. Most supermarkets now provide an online shopping platform. It makes shopping easier than ever. Set a One-Off/Recurring budget and let them stock up on some fun snacks that will be sure to create some smiles.


  • Time off for the Afternoon or Even the Day

Say “Joi Geen!” as you send them off for the afternoon or even the whole day. Why not make it classy? Print out a nice certificate that entitles them to this special consideration.



Remember, your Admin Team work hard to make your life run seamlessly and easily. So, don’t limit your gratitude only on this special day. Simple expressing your appreciation on a regular basis can build stronger relationships within your teams.

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