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5 ways to Conduct an effective interview!

1. Create a clear job description

There should be a detailed and specific job description and profile. Elements that are essential; job description, responsibilities, goals, KPI’s, plans, and past working experience. This will help you screen suitable candidates who fulfill your requirements and streamline your recruitment process.

2. Design an assessment rubric

Identify essential attributes for the position and list the criteria that would represent that attribute. Then create an assessment rubric that will help you grade a candidate's ability on a structured scale.

3. Provide a more flexible schedule

Candidates are busy. In this candidate-driven market, they are receiving offers and interviews from multiple agencies and companies. You need to create an open and inviting opportunity for the candidate. Providing flexible interview time slots decreases the chances of candidate no-shows by allowing them to choose a time slot that fits their schedule rather than being pressured into one that they may not be able to commit to.

4. Prepare standardized questions

Have the interviewer prepare a list of standard questions in advance. Ensure that every candidate gets them so that you can have a balanced and fair interview process. Interviewers should listen for examples and look for observations that demonstrate ability against each criterion in your assessment rubric. A standard report should be filed immediately after the interview to report the most accurate information and evaluation.

5. Test Your Candidates

Giving tests to your candidates is a great way to assess current levels of competence and predict future performance. Include a written test or assignment that is related to day to day responsibilities of the position but be sure that you give them a reasonable amount of time to complete it.


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