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Established in 1964, Sara Beattie Appointments pioneered the professional recruitment business in Hong Kong and has since built its reputation by providing thousands of companies with quality and effective human resources solutions for over 50 years. We understand very well the importance of getting the right person and the time consuming difficulties companies encounter in staff selection. We provide professional consultative advice to help you throughout the recruitment process and beyond to find the right person to fuel your company's success. 


We provide solutions in several types of employment relationships


Permanent Placements

Being the most popular form of Placements with our candidates we have a variety of candidates ranging from an immediate availability pool of superior quality. A cost effective option allows clients to make informed decisions on candidates while also receiving a “Guarantee” of services from Sara Beattie Appointments.


Temporary & Short Term/
Contract Placements

A more flexible form of Recruitment, this type of placement allows for continuous support from Sara Beattie Appointments where we will manage and operate candidates that are seconded to work at your offices. Handling candidate Payroll and all statutory requirements, this creates a convenience for our Clients that is highly desirable for situations such as:

  • Maternity/Paternity, Medical, Annual, Berevement 

  • Transition & Trial Periods 

  • Exhibition/Event Work


Human Resources Administration

Outsource your Human Resources Management needs to us! We handle any Administration that comes with managing your most valuable asset, Talent. Our One Stop Service will manage all regulatory requirements such as MPF, Taxation, Payroll Calculations, Legal Benefit Requirements. We are able to handle requests from One Person offices to large Multi-National Corporations.


Tell us about the role, a dedicated Recruitment Consultant will contact you shortly to assist in your Recruitment Needs.

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