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Why is it important to attend interviews from recruitment agencies?

Job interviews are extremely important for candidates, it is the best place where candidates can show their best attributes to prospective employers. Interviews can make or break your chances of working at a company.

We as Recruiters will ask to meet you in person at our office. Why? For the same reason our Clients interview you, we want to know who you are, what your motivations are and whether or not you are going to be a suitable fit for our Client.

By meeting you and having a better understanding of you as a person and a candidate, we can recommend you to our Client or match you with other suitable roles. However, if we do not get the chance to interview you, we will likely suggest other candidates that have gone through the interview process.

More meetings, more offers!

This is a very straightforward reason but some still overlook its importance. If you attend the interview referred by an agency and you do not receive an offer, you may still be considered for other roles from that agency that are confidential and not open to the market.

Agencies usually have similar positions with different companies. If you do not receive an offer from one company, the agency can still recommend similar positions at other companies. Try not to take rejections from companies personally, after all only it is one position that needs to be filled. Be sure to attend future interviews with your Recruiters at their office or at their clients offices so you don’t miss out on potential opportunities

Better relationships with companies

Getting a good job requires you to invest your time and also maintain a good reputation. This applies whether you are applying directly to a company or if you are working with a recruitment agency.

If you as a candidate confirm your attendance at a company interview with a client then your reputation is on the line. If you do not show up or fail to give adequate notice for your cancellation you can be sure that this will cause an inconvenience to the interviewer who has already set aside that time on their calendar for you.

Not showing up to an arranged interview with a client will also affect the recruitment agency that recommended you. The risk of losing future placements as well as damage to the company’s reputation means that it will be unlikely that you will be recommended for future opportunities.

The Hong Kong job market is small and time is valuable, make sure you respect others people's time during the hiring process in order to make a positive impression on all stakeholders.


To give yourself the best chance of success in your job search, always attend any interviews that you have been offered and you think are suitable for you. Be on time and presentable. If there is an urgent situation and you cannot attend the interview make sure you give ample notice by calling your Recruiter to explain the situation to them.

Recruiters are here to help you find the right job. On your part the process will require transparency, letting us know your interest in a position and time availability, as well as your involvement by attending any interviews that have been set up.


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